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One Thing I’m Excited For (Writing Challenge: Day 30)


Gasp! It is already day 30. Wow, time flies huh. There were times where I felt like not putting up a post because of time constraints and also due to the fact that I didn’t really enjoy writing on certain topics. Some were uninteresting to me and some I could not relate to. But here it is, finally, the end.

Day 30, I have to write about one thing I am excited for. There are many things to look forward to really, like a future career, an upcoming anime, an upcoming event or outing, a future partner and what not. However, here is the first thing that came to my mind:

Growing in God

As I began 2017, my resolution, in a sense, was to live a more God-centered life. I decided on this after I went for my church’s camp last year in December.

As the year goes on, I have become more involved in my cell groups and I even got involved in the Easter presentation this year as a dancer. Although I have no dancing background, I was still able to contribute.

Almost half the year has already gone by. And I believe that I have grown. However, I do not want to stop here, I want to keep growing and continue to grow in my relationship with God.

Recently, at one of my church’s prayer meetings, as someone prayed for me, they told me that God is going to use my hands for his work. I was then asked, “What do you do with your hands,” I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know exactly what it was that I particularly liked to do with my hands. However, I was very encouraged after that. Although I still am not too sure about where God wants me to go, I know that he is certainly working in my life and will eventually place me where he wants me to be. Where I will bless others. One thing I do keep in mind currently while waiting is to make sure that whatever I do, it blesses those around me.

That is all for now 🙂 Perhaps I may start a new writing challenge next time.

-Blue Jay


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