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My 18th Birthday (Writing Challenge: Day 29)


Today, the writing challenge is for me to write about the night of my 21st birthday or if I am not 21, my most recent birthday. Well, I am not 21 yet, quite obviously. Therefore, I shall write about my 18th birthday. Writing about the night specifically is very limited. And well, boring, because it’s not like I had a celebration and a party or something of that sort.

My 18th Birthday

Well, on my birthday it was actually the orientation day for my college. Therefore I woke up pretty early like at 4.55 am (I know this because I wrote it down). I then went to college for my orientation and it went well for the most part. The seniors were really nice and funny. However, we had an English placement test @.@. I really do not mind English but there were just so many questions and I was very sleepy. There was a listening test and, to be honest, I almost fell asleep at times XD. There was even an essay we had to write. We couldn’t even choose our essay like how we could in our SPM T-T. I didn’t even know there was going to be a test because somehow they did not email me the itinerary for the day. Sorry for my endless complaining hahaha. I know I shouldn’t complain, they just have to do it (Because they do not trust 1119 lol XD).

Well, I managed to pull through anyway, I kept texting my friends telling them jokingly how this was the college’s birthday present to me XD

After orientation ended around 6 pm, I had to take public transport back for the first time. It was pretty packed as it was time for workers to head back as well.

Once back home, I rushed to get ready to head to church. My mom and I were involved in our church’s Easter presentation. Both of us were in the dance segment (Now you know my birthday is before Easter ^^).

That is all for my 18th birthday really XD The only celebration I had was the day before where I went out with my family for dinner. It was a wonderful dinner with great food. I got myself a slice of oreo cheesecake (I love oreo and cheese)  🙂

-Blue Jay


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