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Things I’d say to an Ex (Writing Challenge: Day 26)

Good day! 🙂

Today the challenge is to write about the things I’d say to an ex. Now, I have never been in a relationship so I wouldn’t exactly know. I’ll use the scenario where we broke up on mutual and friendly terms. Basically where we are still friends. Hard to imagine but, well, like I said, I do not know how things will really go down.

Things I’d say to an Ex

I guess, one thing I would say after I have gotten over him will be something like this

“Don’t worry mate, I’m alright so just go on ahead and get yourself a new girl.”

Well, I wouldn’t want my ex to feel guilty and worry about getting along with someone else. But well, I do contradict myself a bit when I say that I wouldn’t like it if he immediately got over me and didn’t feel bad about it at all. And well, if we ended the relationship on mutual and friendly terms, I feel like I should at least be one of the first ones to know. Not because I am entitled to but because I feel that I would want to know. In a sense, it is an ultimate form of closure.

Next, if he already has a new girlfriend I’d say,

“Make sure you don’t ____ like when you were with me. That wasn’t cool you know.”

I’d say this if there was something in our relationship that needed to be addressed before but due to, perhaps my own cowardice, it was never brought up or because he was too hard-headed to listen. However, now as a friend, I think I’d be able to advise him better.

Well, in the end, all these depend on how the whole relationship was in the first place and how we ended it.

That is all for now 🙂

-Blue Jay


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