writing challenge

Four of My Weird Traits (Writing Challenge: Day 25)

Good day to you!

Today I am supposed to write about four weird traits that I have. This is a bit difficult because I don’t normally consider myself weird XD

I don’t know if these can be considered weird but here goes.

Four of My Weird Traits

1.I shake my leg every time

Well, it has become a habit. Ever since I was young I’ve had this habit. I have tried to consciously stop it but I always ALWAYS forget ^^”

It’s come to the point where it’s not just when I’m sitting but even when I am standing still. I’ll find a way to make it move. By pacing around or going around in circles. I only realized I developed the habit of walking around in circles, especially around people after my mother pointed it out. I managed to stop that though. But my leg shaking hasn’t stopped. I’ll continue to work on it XD

2. Always singing to songs

Ever since I was younger, I will always sing to any song on the radio, of course, if I know the lyrics. My brothers used to get so annoyed at me, but at some point, they gave up asking me to keep quiet XD. Singing to songs have become something automatic to me. Like a reflex, every time I hear a song I know I just sing. I’m also now able to distinguish the voices of certain singers, not all, but some of them.

3. I don’t cry in pain or for myself but I can cry for any story, song, anime or movie

I am not emotional when it comes to my own problems and such or even when I am in physical pain. (Maybe I’ve not encountered such pain ^^”) When it comes to anime especially, I will cry my eyes out freely. To me, if an anime/ story/ movie is able to make me cry, then it was great. Bringing tears to me eyes is probably one of the purest form of emotion that any story can bring out of me. That is why I love these tear-jerking kinds of stories.

4. My lips do not touch the rim of my bottle when I drink from it.

What I mean is that I always drink from my bottle the way one would when you drink from someone else’s bottle. By pouring it into your mouth without touching it with your lips. I started doing this when I was thirteen to be exact. I did this because, on my first day of school, I felt a bit sickly. Therefore, I had this thought, “If I were to somehow feel better after break time then drank from my bottle again by touching my saliva that had the sick germs then I would get sick again”. I know, it’s a really dumb thought but because of that, I started pouring it instead. Eventually, it became a habit and now I never drink from the rim unless if it’s from a store-bought mineral bottle. I have no idea why

That is all 😀 I hope that those can pass for weird traits.

-Blue Jay


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