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My Family Members (Writing Challenge: Day 23)

Good day!

Today’s writing challenge is to write about a family member I dislike. I don’t want to do that because I do not have any family member I particularly dislike. I also wouldn’t want to write something so negative about the people I should love. Therefore, I suppose I will just be writing about them.

My Family Members

In my immediate family, there are five of us. Both my parents, my older brother, my younger brother and myself. Both my parents are turning 51 this year. My older brother is 21 and my younger brother is 17. I am 18 as I think I would’ve mentioned in my earlier posts somewhere XD

As I have said before, I am a Chindian (a mix of Chinese and Indian). My mom is Chinese blood while my dad is the one with the Indian blood. Actually, he is also a Chindian, as his mom (my grandmother is a Chinese).

My mom is a lovely and understanding woman. Always looking out for us and she somehow has a way to make us feel better when we are feeling down.

My father is a very responsible man. He looks after us and cares for us. When I was younger, I only thought of him as a nagging father, but as I grew, I began to understand that he does that because of his care. I learned how to look at things from his perspective and understand him better. Although I still get irritated from time to time, I know without a doubt that he loves me.

My brothers are, well, awesome XD. They can be my source of inspiration at times. My older brother followed his passion and by doing what he wanted to do and he is doing great at it. My younger brother has actively involved himself in school curricular activities, obtaining positions here and there all the while being humble about it. I am closer to him compared to my older brother probably because of the age gap.

There was a time when we, siblings didn’t really sit down and talk. I would then get into games and music just to have something to talk about with them. That is probably the reason why I started playing League of Legends. In fact, it was because of my older brother that I started watching anime. He introduced me to “One Piece”. And because I was happy he took the initiative to ask me to watch something he did, I gladly watched it with great expectations. I wanted to be able to hold a conversation with them, especially with my older brother. I would talk to them about League of Legend champions and about the plot in One Piece. This was how it was a few years back, but now it is much better and we can talk without reservations.

I could go on and talk about my extended family but it would take too long XD There are so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that I love.

I know I am blessed and I never want to take my family for granted.

-Blue Jay


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