writing challenge

A Quote I Try To Live By (Writing Challenge: Day 17)

Good day to you!

Today is the seventeenth day since I have started the writing challenge. Today’s challenge is to write about a quote I try to live by.

To be honest there are many quotes I probably do try to live by or more like keep close to my heart ^^” To just take one would be a shame. But here’s one anyway.

I Am The Daughter Of The King

I came across this quote in one of my recent church camps.
I really love this quote as it reminds me that I am God’s child and God loves me as his beloved daughter.
I shouldn’t be afraid of what the world thinks of me. Therefore, I shouldn’t think any less of myself. There is no need to become like how everybody else is because God loves me for obeying him. I live only to please Him, my father and my king.
Because of how much he loves me, I do not wish to break his heart.

Also as a daughter of the King, I am reminded that I need to watch my conduct. In certain situations, I would ask myself internally, “I am the daughter of the king, what should I do?”.
As the daughter of the Most High, it is important to not do anything that would put your father in a bad light.

That is all 🙂 Have a great day!

-Blue Jay


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